Planning Application

Planning applications can be a daunting task so realising your dream project is not always straight forward when taking into consideration the local authority regulations. It is sometimes advantageous to get the local community or neighbors on board or at least aware of the scheme so once the scheme is sent out for public consultation, a lot of the major moves have already been discussed.

This isn’t always the most appropriate approach, so we discuss with you how best to put together the application, do we need a pre-application to sound out the local authority, do we need to host a meeting with your neighbors to take them through what you’d like to do, and so on…

Whilst planning rules are generally consistent across the country, there are slight differences in the process which need to be explored and understood, and with permitted development rights, it may also mean you don’t need planning at all.

Occasionally, listed building consent may also need to be considered which adds a further layer of complexity to the approach. Just because your house is Grade I or II listed, thankfully though doesn’t automatically mean you can’t develop.

We can help and oversee the entire process and provide drawings and feasibility studies, submitting the application and dealing with objections and resubmissions until a successful conclusion is reached.
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